2023 marked another great year in metal roofing. According to the MRA’s annual market research study, the demand for metal roof residential re-roofing grew to 18%, continuing to make up ground on the asphalt roofing market. With this industry growth inevitably comes more creative tool designs for easier, more efficient work. Our goal at Stortz is to continue bringing you the newest tools to make your work cleaner and easier.

Below are five items that became available in 2023 which showcase the ingenuity of those in metal roofing.  

Buschmann Tools, known for its innovation and premium engineering, has released its new Plastic Pliers for 1st and 2nd stage seaming of mechanical lock panels.

Intended for 1″ – 1.5″ panels, the new seamer features extra-grip pads to prevent slipping off the panel while seaming as well as PVC jaws to save from marring material. Additionally, the new jaw design makes for easier seaming than other comparable seamers (see the picture below).

Best of all, these are available now for just $350! Far cheaper than two separate seamers and also the lowest priced 2-in-1 seamer on the market, the Plastic Pliers are here to stay. 

FalzBooks 2, & 3

Created by Yurii Nushtaev, the FalzBook series Double-Lock Standing Seam Technology is intended for roofers who specialize in the installation of double seam metal roofing as an auxiliary tool. They are among the most detailed and instructive books an architechtural sheet metal roofer can own. With more than 2,000 pages of diagrams, instruction, and explanation, the three books are as follows:

For the first time, FalzBooks 2 & 3 are now available for sale from Stortz. Falzbook 1 is currently being rewritten but we will add it to our store as soon as we can. Order now as these sell out fast!

Designed in Poland by Metal Maniak, the three tools below help simplify two tedious every-day tasks of the metal roofer.

Seam Shooter – For forming 1″ mechanical seams with a brake, this handy tool has pre-set marks to make the perfect 1″ profile every time. Check out this video to see how it works.

Seam Shooter Mini – A smaller version of the tool above with a built-in bottle opener and ring to fit on a key chain.

Crescent Eaves Seam Edger – The perfect template for cutting repeatable and consistent crescent eaves details. 


HammrHead Roofing Knife

The HammrHead Roofing Knife is a new take on roofing utility. At first glance it seems no different than any other roofing knife, but a heavy steel insert in the handle allows it to double as a hammer when needed on the roof. Instead of reaching for your hammer at every instance, be it a stray nail, small piece of flashing, etc., use the HammrHead. 

Buschmann Perfect Bender Value Kit

This Perfect Bender Value Kit provides three dynamic metal roll benders to handle any need for portable bending. The kit includes:

  • XL-150 – For 0 – 100° bends of up to 6″ in depth and any length, though especially effective for long straight bends. Watch it used on a 25 foot panel here.
  • Pocket Bender – A specialty tool intended for 0 – 100° curved bends up to 2″. Most commonly used to create radius fascia or curved copings. 
  • Disc Bender L – A hemming tool to turn down straight or curved bends from 90° – 180°. Max hem depth of 1.7″.

This portable kit ensures you’re able to make any bend or hem needed while on the job.