The Dach & Holz (Roof and Wood) is a premier roofing show in the world. It is held every 2 years and this year it took place in Cologne, Germany. There are over 576 exhibitors from over 35 countries that expand into 4 full show halls. Day tickets cost $19 euro. It’s safe to say that if you are looking to garner attention towards a new product in the roofing or woodworking industry, this is the place to do it.


Needless to say, Many of our vendors have booths in this trade show. Below you’ll see pictures of the various booths with brief descriptions of the companies and the products that we sell.

Spengler Workshops – Spengler translates to Tinsmith in German. During the show they will demonstrate certain folding techniques for installation. This is also where the top projects are displayed.

PF Freund John Stortz & Son and PF Freund have had a relationship for over 30 years. Freund brings a dedication towards quality and professionalism. This could be seen by their investment in their booth at the show and innovations to old line tools. A highlight was their VR system that gave you the opportunity to test their new product out on the roof!

PF Freund Booth

Biegetec – This is a relatively new company that is making waves by introducing products that are revolutionizing the metal bending and seaming industry. Demos included all of the perfect benders and newly introduced Accu-seamer.

Biegetec Booth

Stubai An Austrian company that sells metal working, forestry, climbing, and woodworking tools. The company is a conglomerate of many smaller manufacturing companies to make up a parent. Quality is paramount.

Express Express is a French company that has over 100 years of experience in the soldering industry. They provide professional irons, a wide variety of soldering tips and a long list of specialty fluxes.

Perkeo –  A German producer of soldering irons for over 95 years. They pride themselves on quality control and their irons are considered top notch by industry professionals.

Seta-SystemeProducers of a line of interchangeable tipped soldering irons. Don’t worry about a wobble ever again.

Masc – A German company that takes specialty to the next level. Their product line seems to gravitate to making an existing tool that much better with simple innovations. Certainly not the cheapest, but there is serious thought behind each item.

Malco You can find Malco in all the roofing distributors here in the US and it was nice to see them making an effort in Europe.

Sievert – A Swedish company started in 1882 that sells soldering irons internationally. They also make lines of roofing torches and hot air welders.

Schlebach  The industry standard with regard to brakes, decoilers, and seaming. It’s fascinating to see the product offering up close.

Schlebach Booth

Schechtl– Main competitor of Schlebach in Europe.

Draco– You most likely know them from their electric shears. They also make many bending tools, seamers, and brakes.

Spengler Direct – Major wholesaler of all tools sheet metal.

Spengler Direct

Theis Boger – Produces and sells slate.

Rathscheck –  A German company that sells the slate for wall cladding and roofs.

Rathcheck Slate Cladding


The Experience

Trips likes these are what help strengthen relationships and get a better understanding of who you are doing business with. You’ll notice many of these companies are over 100 years old and you start to get a feel for tradition and history that each unique company has to offer. When touring Europe and its rich history, understanding that the systems they have in place in their building industry make it feel like it’s held to a higher standard than here in the US. I do notice that the trend does seem to be turning in the US, but without a more detailed training approach, we’ll see a lot more staplers and fly by night contractors. You also get to see bad ass brakes up close.