how-to-get-amazon-reviews-kindleThere is nothing more comforting when shopping online than customer reviews. It gives insight into what someone thought after using the product for an actual application instead of advertising jargon. This is one reason why Amazon has become such a juggernaut because of the accuracy of how good a product is based on product reviews. Even though Stortz is not even close to 1/billionth the size of Amazon, we still have loyal  customers who share their thoughts on the products. Knowing that a customer usually will not see these reviews, it seems like a good idea to create a page every so often to sharing some product thoughts.

Want to see a specific product reviewed? Let us know in the comments, and we will see what we can do. If enough people want it, we can put together a video review


Beran Snips

beransnips“The Beran snips are wonderful and very well made, I have cut 16 oz and 20 oz copper with them. I find the Stubai snips slightly more user friendly and easier to work with on most cuts, of course I have much more experience with the Stubai snips in my hand. The Beran snips do make a more quality cut than the Stubai snips yet a very slight difference. I have found myself going to the Beran when needing to make smaller more tedious cuts where accuracy is imperative. I do find the Berans more accurate for intricate details.  For me, the value in the Beran snips is in the quality and workmanship of the tool in that they are all handmade and forged from solid billets of high quality steal and are not cast or welded and not manufactured in mass, that they are made in a bespoke manner that is rarely found in today’s world of mass production, for those reasons I believe the cost is more than justified and the Beran snips a great value.”  – Michael G


Perfect Bender X-150

10090 XL-250 Perfect Bender“I called Stortz Company and asked  whether this tool is capable of forming .040 aluminum material, as 1 mm is about .039. Tom Stortz immediately checked with the manufacturer, whose response was affirmative. I purchased the tool, and have used it only on .040 so far. It seems maxed out, as one would expect, but it does work. Also, I am still learning to operate it, and have discovered if you keep it angled and roll about 1/8″ at a time, the guide rollers stay in contact with the material and it forms the metal beautifully. I have yet to try on 24 gauge steel. This is very precision tool, well designed and constructed.” – Perry P



Slator and Ripper“Quick and safe way to secure a ladder on the roof. Much more versatile than hook ladder IMO.” – Lee Sheet Metal

“Great product, very stable and easy to secure. Really like this option to hook ladder.” – Josowitz Roofing


Paint Scrapers

143-D Oval Paint Scraper“What’s to say?

Your scrapers are hands down the best going that we have been using for 30 years.  For the restoration work we do we sharpen them every hour using a 120 grit belt sander. They are so sharp we can almost feather scrape 130 year old coatings 15mils thick. We naturally are extremely careful.  Once in a while we run into a trim contour that we wish we had a specific profile for- Half moon shape or a reverse bull nose contour- but we manage-

Here is a video of a job we finished last fall using your scrapers to strip 80% of the house. We work in tandem with an amazing roofing company who produced this video.

Glad you still around and it is Sherwin Williams loss they removed your product from the MAB store shelves.” – Welsh Brothers