Stubai 45° Beveled Deck Tong

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  • This sheet metal tong is a handy assistant to every roofer that has one: versatile, reliable and very well made
  • Strong tool with deep depth for bending purposes
  • 45° cut for scribing needs and relief in tight corner bending
  • Jaw width – 7”
  • Jaw depth – 6 1/4”
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  • Deep Depth Jaws

    Unique Deep Depth Jaws (up to 6-1/4″) allow for deeper bends.

  • Incredible Strength

    Forged from carbon steel. A lifetime addition to the toolbox.

  • Ideal for Flashing

    Perfect for creating on site flashing when a brake is not available or too cumbersome.


  1. Joe Y

    This tool is invaluable for those times when you need the reach on the tongs.
    It is of a very sturdy build.

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