Aero Duplex Acetylene Soldering Torch Kit

5/5 (12 customer reviews)


  • Comes equipped with Aero Duplex Soldering Iron, 3/4 lb copper iron, 12.5′ Acetylene hose, #440G Acetylene B-Regulator, and striker (no tank included)
  • Options: Choose between
    • Threaded hose connection OR Slip On hose connection
    • Accessory Kit addition (2lbs Solder, Flux Caddy, AXE tip, carry bag)
  • Accessory kit includes: AXE style copper tip, 2lbs 50/50 solder, and flux caddy.
  • Kit is to be used with Acetylene, will not function with propane gas tanks
  • Acetylene burns hotter than propane and will keep the tip hot in even the coldest weather conditions
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  1. Thomas (verified owner)

    This is a very good quality, well made torch kit. Stortz & Son is a great company to do business with. Easy ordering, fast shipping!

  2. Jordan Allen (verified owner)

    This is a quality Iron,and a nice regulator. I’ve been soldering for 25 yrs and this is one of my favorites.

  3. Steve Larimer (verified owner)

    I like this soldering iron , It is the best for copper work and is the best on the market!

  4. Brian Blanchette

    This is a high quality torch/iron. It makes soldering copper panels easy

  5. Lewis Gillespie (verified owner)

    Best Iron On The Market this is the real deal

  6. MIKE


  7. James Sauer (verified owner)

    I’ve wanted this tool for sometime and I have to say it works great. It heats up and is ready to go in under five minutes in cold weather. Looks like my propane iron is going to be collecting dust!

  8. Justin (verified owner)

    Great equipment, works great for flat lock, fast shipping

  9. David Limbo (verified owner)

    AWESOME product, the best for soldering. Great company, great customer service, fast shipping!!

  10. C. Burton (verified owner)

    Works as it should. Heats quickly and keeps up very well.

  11. Jason January (verified owner)

    Very happy with this unit been using one for 3 years now after I finally gave up on propane in winter. Heats quick and the coppers pound out nicely to any angle. I would highly recommend this iron.

  12. Wayne

    Been using for 30 + years . Reliable , keep holes clear where flame comes out . Amount of heat controllable .

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