American Beauty 300 Watt Soldering Iron

4/5 (1 customer review)


  • American Beauty heavy-duty irons are ideal for heavy soldering jobs and production-line environments.
  • Created by compression winding a special Ni-Chrome heating alloy onto a steel spool, all elements demonstrate an unsurpassed heat capacity and outstanding durability.
  • Protective casings cut from a single block of steel are strengthened with multiple heat treatments and precision brazed for optimal strength and efficiency.
  • Ideal for indoor soldering.
  • Maximum Temperature – 1000 F / 538 C
  • Overall Length – 14 3/8″
  • Tip Width – 7/8″
  • Product Weight – 3.30 lbs


  1. Alan pratt (verified owner)

    Never thought that I would try an electric soldering iron. Wish I had bought it years ago. Been soldering for 40 years and this little baby is a pleasure to use with no learning curve. Doing some custom copper gutters on a restoration job and using this in the shop is a dream. No fumes, no noise and small enough to get into tight places. Not for every job but no one that melts lead should be without one.

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