Malco Corrugated Metal TurboShear


  • Malco’s Corrugated Metal TurboShear is the solution to making easy cross cuts, fast lengthwise cuts, and precise circular and square outlet cuts in large or small pattern corrugated metal roofing and common trapezoidal (box) pattern metal roofing panels.
  • The elongated blades are offset at nearly 75° so that the drill is nearly held vertical when starting a cut.  This allows the drill handle and battery pack the proper clearance to handle cuts up the rising angle of a corrugated trapezoidal profile.
  • A sleek, lightweight, aluminum-cast shear head and a compact molded polymer drill clamp allow maximum portability
  • Telescoping drill clamp adjusts to fit both length and width of popular drill sizes (including smaller bodied impact drivers)
  • Ideal for 30-24ga roofing metal
  • Replacement blades are available and easy to install upon request
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