Buschmann Seam Cutter

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NOTE: This tool will not work on 2″ high seams or commercial panels that are thicker than 24ga metal with 24ga clips. 

The Falz Cutter is a cordless drill attachment that will cut below a 1″ or 1.5″ single or double lock profile, removing the seam completely. It can be positioned at any point in the double lock standing seam which makes it possible to remove specific sections for ventilation shafts or windows. 

  • Recommended cordless drill with a torque of 1000 in / lb – cordless drill not included
  • Removes up to 90 feet per minute
  • Falz Cutter Manual
  • Weight – 6lbs
  • Tools ship in military case
  • Works on 1″ and 1 1/2″ seaming heights only – will not work on 5/8″+ widths
  • NEW ADDITION: Can be used to cut single locked seams

Max Sheet Metal Thickness

Stainless Steel – 0.5mm, 26 gauge
Aluminum, Copper, Zinc – .032″, 20 oz, 0.8mm
Steel – 24 gauge

  • Lightweight

    At only 6lbs, cutter is simple to take onto the roof and begin removing panels. No extension cord needed.

  • Speedy Tear Off

    Quick cutting. Speeds of up to 90ft/min.

  • No Cords Needed

    Works with your conventional shop drill. No extension cord to trip over (Recommended 18V 5amp minimum)


  1. Fintan Cournane

    This tool is amazing,
    There is no better way to remove a standing seam!
    I’ve only ever ripped seam off three times in my career, a fire,bad paint from metal manufacture,and a subpar install from previous installer:(!!!
    It will go as fast as you can run up or down the hook ladder with it!
    They say you cannot run it through all five rolls at the top of hem but it will do it without slowing down.
    It Wears the cutting dies down but they are replaceable .
    Speed is everything and this tool delivers that exactly!
    I highly recommend this tool if you need to remove a large standing seam roof it will pay for itself immediately!!!
    It is also much safer for my help to remove the seam in this manner as opposed to the traditional manner!

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