Freund Gutter Bracket Bender

5/5 (4 customer reviews)


  • Use set screw to set to desired pitch angle.  Make precise bends for your gutter brackets to install the perfect hanging gutter
  • Head made of malleable casting
  • Zinc plated, steel tubes with plastic handles
  • For a bracket strength up to 1 5/8” x 3/8”
  • Available in 2 lengths: 23 5/8” and 31.5”


  1. Eber (verified owner)

    Good and ease to handle on work places

  2. Steven Wygand

    Freund makes great products. Well built and feels like its going to last a long time. Worked great on first job. Product shipped same day and arrived fast.

  3. Joseph Pawlowski (verified owner)

    A quality tool that makes bending gutter brackets effortless.

  4. Daryl Holtzclaw

    Great tool, really helped out with bending 3/16″ thick copper gutter hangers.

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