Hammrhead Roofing Knife


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Every roofer has been there. That stray nail that didn’t go flush. That little piece of asphalt shingle that you didn’t get in the cut. That small edge of flashing that you need to straighten out. No one wants to reach for a hammer to do the job, so you use whatever is in your hand. Most often a knife. This is why we designed the HAMMRHEAD roofing knife with a steel insert in the handle that can plow through that one-off hammer job with ease.

  • 1040 Medium grade steel hammer insert
  • Premium cast zinc body withstands the rigors of any jobsite
  • Nose magnet keeps the active blade firmly in position, giving a clean cut
  • Pop-up compartment with a 7-blade capacity keeps your spares conveniently on hand
  • Precision-machined Zinc alloy dial for smooth and rapid blade changes
  • Lanyard hole to securely tie off the knife ensures work-at-heights compliance
  • Born ready – Plastic holster and 3 hook blades included
  • Weight : 0.96lbs


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