RAU 106 – Eaves Seam Locker

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  • The RAU106 is used to lock the panel at the drip edge resulting in a clean looking hemmed panel edge
  • The tool is often used in conjunction with the RAU105 to complete locking the panel at the drip edge
  • Panel edge must be bent approx. 90° for RAU106 to perform crimp
  • Also used for forming the final lock for dormer windows
  • Faster and a tighter crimp than hand seamers
  • Tool Width – 8 1/2”
  • Overall Length – 15”
  • Cleaner Looking Work

    Unlike smaller pliers, the RAU106 wont leave crimp marks along the roof edge for homeowners to see.

  • Faster Eaves Closing

    Quicker work leaves more time to focus on other details.

  • Durability

    RAU Tools are known for their strength and design.


  1. Dave Demme (verified owner)

    Solid tool. Easy to use. Better and faster than hand seamers.

  2. alex wilson (verified owner)

    Lasts forever

  3. Mitchell Hammonds (verified owner)

    Great eave seaming tool that finishes out nice.

  4. Richard Owen (verified owner)

    Very well made and extremely fast shipping,received in less than 24 hours!

  5. Rick (verified owner)

    Excellent service on time Delivery

  6. Nick Small (verified owner)

    Simple but effective, makes a laser clean edge hem every time.

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