RAU 115 – Large Crimping Tool

5/5 (3 customer reviews)


  • The RAU 115 (Large) and RAU 116 (Small) are simple crimping tools that are used to bend metal for roof pitch transitions
  • A two crimp method enables the user to easily create a ”pigs ear” in the metal for clean looking transitions that are completely watertight
  • Avoid cutting your seams and being forced to use sealant; or worse yet, jeopardize the roofs ability to resist water
  • Tool Length: 27 5/8″
  • Blade Length: 9 7/8″
  • Precision Folding

    No more guessing on your folds. Measure and make precise crimps.

  • Deep Jaw Depth

    A 9-7/8″ jaw depth means this tool is great for flashing work.

  • No Caulk Needed

    This method of creating folded flashing means no caulk or sealant required = Less leak prone areas.


  1. Chuck Bonner (verified owner)

    This tool makes perfectly crisp crimps for making large pig ear folds. Perfectly accurate, all my folds with this tool match the roof pitch perfectly. It’s definitely easier and cleaner than a pan pocket folder which kind of rounds the metal.

  2. J.R. August (verified owner)

    These work great and save time and material by allowing a better pitch transition.

  3. Briar W Glenzer (verified owner)

    Thank you for the expedient shipping as usual! This tool in particular was exactly what I was missing, great tool worth every penny

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