Freund Roofer’s Restoration Hammer – 83-H

5/5 (2 customer reviews)


This heavy duty specialty hammer is weighted for use with our slate rippers and equipped especially for roof restoration work.

  • Ideal for pounding heavier nails.
  • Magnetic nail holder.
  • Polished hammer head offers checkered striking face on one end.
  • Pointed end allows for punching nail holes in slate
  • 28 oz
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  1. PPM Slate Roofing (verified owner)

    Great quality hammer for the money.

  2. Miles Jenness, Vermont Heavy Timber llc

    This is a solid, workaday hammer. It was the first restoration hammer I bought years ago, and I still have and use it. Since then I’ve bought the Picard restoration hammers as well, but if you aren’t looking to shell out $75 this hammer won’t disappoint.

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