Malco Sheet Metal Hammer

5/5 (5 customer reviews)


  • This 18oz sheet metal hammer is equipped with a lacquer leather grip that conforms to the users hand over time
  • This is easily the most popular Malco setting hammer on the market and is used by professionals worldwide
  • One-piece forged, I-beam construction
  • Fully polished heads with beveled face and are corrosion resistant
  • Hammer sections are individually hardened and tempered for strength and resiliency


  1. Lee Sheet Metal & Roofing

    This is my go to hammer for sheet metal work!

  2. Eric Presinat (verified owner)

    Very well balanced.
    Had been looking for a while for a true sheet metal hammer

  3. frank (verified owner)

    Very happy with the product

  4. frank (verified owner)

    Used to seam hips ether on standingseam flawless

  5. Benjamin Offerle (verified owner)

    Have been eyeing one of these since I got in the trade over 5 years ago. So glad I finally found one and can ditch the rubber handled hammer!

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