Sheet Metal Hand Tong 5 Piece Combo

5/5 (4 customer reviews)

Original price was: $445.00.Current price is: $410.00.

A durable and versatile set of European craftsman pliers. Various angles and depths and weight on the pliers will keep you prepared for any bending purposes. Built to last – You won’t need to replace these pliers quickly. Kit provides excellent value.

5 piece set includes:

  • 87-A – 45° Clinching Plier (60mm)
  • 87-B – 90° Clinching Plier (60mm)
  • 363-A – Straight Clinching Plier (60mm)
  • 88-A – Heavy Duty 45° Plier
  • 363-B – Heavy Duty Straight Plier


  1. Paul Dickover

    Great pliers all around.

  2. William Blakely (verified owner)

    Love their tools. They’re great quality and very durable.

  3. Destry Jarmin (verified owner)

    Love this set. Great all around versitility.

  4. Mark Chomik

    Love this set

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