Snow Guardian Classic

5/5 (1 customer review)



  • Only available in a milled finish Aluminum
  • The Classic Snow Guard is a remake of the RT series snow guard with some improved aspects
    • Wider blade to cover more surface area and catch more snow
    • Sits lower to the deck
    • A more upright blade angle for less lift
  • This guard is ideal for double locked 1″ high standing seams
  • Non-penetrating set screws on both sides of the blade keep the guard securely on the seam
  • Dimensions: 6″W x 3″H
  • Slot Size: 1/4″ width x 1/2″ depth


  1. David Walker

    I am a metal man (retired) by trade, and I had been looking at the various offerings online for snow guards. I settled on Stortz and Son, when one day I thought, why not make them myself? I went to Online Metals and priced the raw stock. That put me at 7.50 per unit, without even locating set screws or fastening hardware, as I was going to go 2 pieces, and machine screw them together. Haven’t even begun talking about my labor yet, or the fact that these would be real plain Janes, as creating an ornamental look would be prohibitively time consuming. So I ordered a small quantity of the Snow Guardian Classic to see what I could expect, and I was more than pleased; they arrived quickly, and they are substantial, nice to look at, and fit my hand done seamed roof well. I will be ordering the balance of my requirements shortly, and I can tell all of you, that these I couldn’t make for twice the price they’re asking.

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