Wuko Uni Bender III 2204

5/5 (6 customer reviews)


    • Bends sheet metal up to 90° – ideal for bends up to 10′
    • Can be used for bending straight sheets as well as radii
    • Adjustable bending depth from 3/8” to 8”. Inch ruler located on bender marked in 1/8” depths
    • Useful for flashing and other bends made on site
    • This tool can be used to create the male and female profiles of the double lock standing seam

Maximum sheet metal thickness:

    • Galvanized or painted steel: 24 gauge
    • Stainless steel: 26 gauge
    • Zinc: 0.8mm
    • Copper: 20 oz
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  1. Ray

    Great product! Love this tool.

  2. Tim /Coastal Copper LLC nj

    Great tool works great in the field can make standing seams on site with out a brake saves alot of time on most projects and can do some cool curved bends /Coastal Copper LLC nj

  3. Mike (verified owner)

    With two hands, a flat surface, and a bit of elbow grease you too can be the human brake! This tool will pay for itself in record time. Every metal roofer should have one of these in their arsenal.

  4. mike (verified owner)

    a must have tool for todays metal roofing contractor .
    John Stortz always on time!

  5. Steve (verified owner)

    This is easily one of the nicest tools in my kit in terms of quality. Biggest downside is that you can’t quite reach 90 degrees with this tool. The top bearing is at a perfect 90 degrees to the tool so once you’re maxed out you will scratch your workpiece and the spring-back leaves your bend less than 90. Not a problem for standing seams except for dialing in the two smaller bends on the female bend- since the rollers will be in contact with the leg of your previous bend instead of the rigid bend itself, any variation in pressure will flex the leg and alter the depth of your bend. This can start to get away from you especially on longer bends. Also you’ll have to get the hang of using the integrated ruler, as a single bend will need a little more than your target measurement and for a compound bend you’ll also need to compensate for your previous bend not being 90 degrees thus holding the tool further away from your workpiece…

    • Sam Stortz

      Hey Steve, thanks for the thorough review! You’re spot on in regards to bending up to or past 90 degrees.

      For anyone looking to make bends to or past 90 degrees, we recommend the Wuko 6200 or Perfect Bender S-150 as a substitute to the 2204. Both are designed with an angled bearing as to not scratch the material when bending up to 90. See the product link below:


  6. Javier melgoza (verified owner)

    Great product!!! great for metal

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