Wuko 3202 Duo Bender 8”

5/5 (2 customer reviews)


  • Ships in a high quality hard carrying case
  • Rail and Handle useful for bends deeper than 4″
  • Designed for quick and easy bending of long, straight sheet metal
  • The 3202 is best for making 90° bends where brakes are not convenient such as on the job site or if the bend is longer than the brake
  • The 3202 will bend material faster than the 2204 because of the added leverage of the tool and the dual rollers
  • The 8″ maximum bending depth is useful for deeper, longer bends. The 3352 is the tool to use if you need a 14″ bending depth
  • Pair with the Wuko 4000 hemming tool and save!

Technical Data:

  • Max. bending height: 200 mm / 8.0 in.
  • Min. bending height: 5 mm / 0.2 in.
  • Bending capacity: 0,80 mm / 0.031 in. (for all common materials)
  • Weight: 2.9 kg / 6.41 lbs
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  1. Jim (verified owner)

    The 3200 has been a blessing for the crew! We have found many places during the roof install that we had not even recognized we could use it. Nice clean bends for the long odd stuff and it couldn’t have worked better for the “pie panels”. I strongly
    recommend the hand grab for the 3200…makes for more power in the bend.
    As always, THANKS TO ALL THE STORTZ!!!!!

  2. Tom B (verified owner)

    The tool is fantastic and well made and Stortz had great communication during the purchase process. It shipped quickly also.
    You guys now have a cutsomer for life!

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