Wuko 9050 – Bogie Bender


  • Wuko Bogie Bender – a bender that is suitable for inside & outside curves, as well as straight bends
  • The Bogie Bender has additional support plates that can be adjusted to angle to the radius that you are bending
  • The max bending depth of the 9050 is 2″
  • Min. bending height: 5 mm/0.2”
  • Max. bending height: 50 mm or 2”
  • Bending capacity: 0.80 mm/0.031” (for all common materials)
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  • Versatility

    Optimal support for concave, convex and straight bends.

  • Trusted Brand

    Wuko is well known in the industry for innovation and premium products.

  • Ideal for Ornametal Work

    Fabricate curved drip edges and copings with the Wuko 9050 Bogie Bender.


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