Wuko 3200 / 4000 Combo

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  • Includes two high end bending tools. Wuko 3200 & Wuko 4000
  • A top selling tool combo for mechanical & snap lock metal roof installers for terminating panels on gable ends
  • Quick, easy and clean bending / forming long straight sheet metal strips up to 90° and then from 90° to 180° (hem)
  • Max bending depth of 8″ and hemming depth of 1.57″
  • Comes with durable case
  • Bending capacity of 24 gauge steel, 20 oz copper, .040 aluminum

Note: If you have concerns about scratching panel finishes while turning the 90° bend, consider the 7200/4000 combo

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  1. Milt Kreitzer (verified owner)

    The combo kit makes hemming standing seam panels on the job site substantially easier resulting in a professional appearance and an easier installation.

  2. Eric Vesel (verified owner)

    We used for the first time this this weekend it makes the whole job Look way cleaner and it’s way simpler on the employees expecially I am doing rake trim that we had to bend for each job

  3. Brandon Flowers (verified owner)

    We have one of these for all of our crews. Can’t do standing seam without them.

  4. Tim Graves (verified owner)

    Wuko tools are top quality and absolutely the right tools for the job.

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