Lap vs Box Joint

Hand tongs come in two styles, lap and box joint.  The picture below outlines the difference in appearance.



Why would you prefer one over the other?

  • A lap joint overlaps itself and then is riveted together.  This is a very secure means of bringing the two forgings together.  However, over time if the rivet loosens, the tool can come apart.  Expect years of use.
  • The two forgings of the box joint intersect with themselves before being riveted.  This is the premier way of assembling a hand tong.  The longevity of this means of joint should last a lifetime.  It should be noted that this joint cannot be repaired.  However, there is no need to worry about this because it will never break.

Country of Origin

These hand tongs are being replicated overseas.  This is a distinction that is very difficult to evaluate.  I’ve personally seen Stubai’s hand tongs being produced in Austria.  Here is a video of one of the processes:


A box joint is going to be harder to reproduce. Since this method is also more expensive, there is less volume, and less reason to duplicate with regard to economies of scale. The likelihood of a box joint being high European quality is high. Knock offs of the lap joint are much more readily available.


The Box Joint Sale

I have 7pcs of the 45 degree pliers and 15pcs of the 90 degree in 60mm box joint.  The tongs are roughly 5 years old but have never been used.  I’m looking to pass these lifetime tools on at a very good price.  Our retail price for a box joint hand tong is $100.00.  These are selling for $50 dollars each.  Take this opportunity to get set up with first class hand tongs that will last the rest of your working career.   Call 888-847-3456 or visit the product page to purchase.   

box joint pliers collection

Don’t Forget!

2820-51 - PVC coated hand tongWe have added the new PVC coated hand tongs that will not leave marks on material. Currently we only have the straight but will soon offer the 45 degree. These work great on painted material.