Wuko Inc is an Austrian company who is an industry leader in bending, forming, and cutting sheet metal.  These long lasting tools will simplify work routines that used to take hours and save on labor immensely. Wuko tools are cutting edge technology and will help you put more money in your pocket over time.  Don’t forget to visit the Wuko category page on our website.


Wuko 1020 Clipper 

Running through sheet metal with no vibrations or curls!

wukoclipperAre you wearing your arms out making long cuts with snips?  Or spending thousands of dollars on a stationary slitter that’s limited to straight cuts and more expensive?  The Wuko Clipper is the answer.  The clipper has the ability to make long straight cuts as well as curved cuts in metal.  The clipper uses cutting wheels that will last years on metal thickness up to 22 ga. galvanized, 26 ga. stainless, and about 18 ga. for softer material like zinc,copper and aluminum.  There is both a corded and battery model.  The clipper cuts at 49 ft per minute which would indicate quite the time saver over other alternatives.  Although the drill will reverse, it is not recommended.


Wuko Clipper making long, straight cut w/ adjustable guide

Wuko Clipper showing the ability to cut curves


Wuko1040 Lock and Roller

wukolockandrollerClosing the first stage of a mechanical lock on walls and curved barrels has never been easier! Save time using the rollers of the Wuko lock and roller when compared to manually crimping them with a hand seamer. A rope can be attached to the tool to pull it down a panel from heights. The maximum sheet metal thickness it will close is 24 ga. galvanized, 20 ga. soft metal (aluminum, copper & zinc), and 26 ga. stainless steel. Also works well on steep pitched roofs.  Another feature is that two lock and rollers can be joined together to complete batten seams.  Weighs only 5 lbs.

firststageWorks on 1/2″ profiles to do the first stage.

To use:

Close a short piece of the seam with hand tongs.  Place the Lock and Roller on the seam and adjust to the seam width.  Fix the wing screws to get the correct amount of pressure on the seam.  Roll the tool forward using the handle bars or a rope.


VMZinc certified instructor John Sheridan closing first stage on a curve


Lock and Roller closing the first stage on wall panels


Using the Lock and Roller

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