Wuko Clipper 1020 C2A

5/5 (2 customer reviews)


  • Ideally suited for straight and curved, short and long sheet metal cutting
  • Also for cutting tapered panels
  • Equipped with a roller assembly to cut longer metal sheets placed on the floor in an easy and quick way
  • Cutting Guide available for straight cuts longer than a shear
  • Adjustable cutting speed
  • Including carrying case
  • Wuko Clipper Instructions
  • Replacement Clipper Polyurethane Traction Wheel is available if needed
  • Max. sheet metal thickness:
    Galvanized steel: 0.80 mm/0.031”
    Aluminum, copper, zinc: 1.00 mm/0.039”
    Stainless steel: 0.60/0.024”
  • Cutting speed: 0 – 49 ft/min
  • Minimum cutting radius: 500 mm /20″
  • Weight (with roller assembly): 15lbs
  • Drive: 18V
  • Option for Adjustable Guide

    Makes cutting flat sheet lengths easier

  • Variable Speed Trigger

    Following a template for precise cutting is made simple .

  • Burr Free Edges

    The clipper does not distort the metal and leaves a factory finished, burr free edge.


  1. Jalon Smucker (verified owner)

    This is a great tool and a real time saver!

  2. Carlos

    The tool is great, make clean cuts and my work is a lot easier.

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