Draco Cordless Metal Shear AK 3514-2


The 12 Volt cordless metal shear 5-pcs.craftsmen set consists of: 1 cordless shear AK 3514-2 Ni-MH,  2 batteries MXL12, 1 charger RC and 1 transportbox

  • Cuts formed parts without distortion or straightening
  • Accurate cutting along a marked line
  • Burr free cutting
  • Working speed up to max. 5 m/min.
  • Cutting of U-,C- and L- profiles
  • Clear view to scribed line or template
  • Can cause no injury while in motion
  • Knife and jaws re-grindable
  • Parts are standardized and interchangeable

Ideal for Cutting: Spiral ducting, roof & wall claddings, 6 times folded double lock and Pittsburgh Seams, mesh and wire, painted or coated aluminum, sheet metal, stainless steel, non ferrous materials (aluminum, copper, zinc)

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  • Controlled Cutting

    Draco Shears are easy to control and can cut relatively tight radius.

  • Burr Free

    Nibbler aspect leaves a burr free finished edge.

  • Ready to use

    Ready to use out of the box. Available in corded or cordless model.


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