These 2 tools have a similar function and subtleties that one should know before making a buying decision.  Here are the features of each.

Wuko 2204 Uni-Bender

  • wuko2202detailOne set of main rollers and two side rollers.
  • Side rollers act as a support for the material and are close enough to the main rollers to allow for radius bending. The 2200 is better of inside radius whereas the 2204 is better for outside.
  • Useful for bends on 24 gauge steel or lighter that do not exceed 10’. Your forearm will look like Popeye’s if you bend longer panels due to the one handed operation.
  • Can create male and female profiles for standing seam panels but this can take a while to make each bend on a panel

Wuko 3200 Duo- Bender

  • Wuko3200detailTwo sets of rollers allow for quicker bending of panels up to 90°. More leverage is applied to the material.
  • Two handed operation is recommended when moving the 3200 across the panel, especially on longer runs (upwards of 50’) when multiple people can pass the tool back and forth or. even better, two benders are used.
  • Useful for bends on 24 gauge steel that are in excess of 10’. There is no real limit on how long a panel can be bent upwards as the only requirement is time.
  • Two sets of main rollers eliminate ability to do radius bends.
  • Accessory items of a handle and rail are beneficial for deeper bends (5″-8″).  The handle gives another leverage point and the rail makes sure that the material has a crisp bend and doesn’t leave a mark.
  • For 14″ bends, check out the Wuko 3350.


2204 Uni-Bender

If your job calls for on site bending of smaller flashing and slight radius bending, buy the 2202.  It’s a terrific bender for quick bends that are not worth bringing to the brake.

3200 – Duo Bender

If you are going to be bending longer panels, buy the 3200.  These tools work much faster than 3” hand seamers and won’t leave crimp marks.  Seamless bends become the norm and your quality of work will improve.

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