Sheet metal benders are vital tools for sheet metal roofers and other tradesmen. Although there is fair variety in their size, orientation and operation, these tools allow sheet metal roofers to make precise, angled bends in sheet metal that is vital to folding edges and making seams.

Many craftsmen will use a metal bending tool known as a brake or a bending brake for folding edges, especially over a particularly long segment of sheet metal. However, as efficient and practical as brakes can be, many of them limit the width of the panel that can be worked. Additionally, brakes tend to be fairly large and heavy; they are portable to a degree, but not particularly easy to move around.

By contrast, there are a number of smaller, handheld metal benders that offer more versatility than some other traditional styles of benders and sheet metal brakes. One of these is the Stortz Perfect Bender XL-150 that we offer here at John Stortz & Son. Here’s what you can expect from it.

  • It’s highly versatile: This roll sheet metal bender can create a variety of edge profiles to suit the needs of your project. It also has imperial and metric rulers built right into it, is capable of making bends from a quarter inch to six inches deep, and can be used on sheet metals ranging in thickness and gauge. Anything lighter than or up to 20oz copper, 1mm zinc, 24 gauge steel, or .040 aluminum falls comfortably in the realm of materials that this high-quality bender can tackle.

In addition to being useful for bending a large range of sheet metals, it is capable of forming a range of edges and male/female locking seams. Creating these seams with a pair of pliers or tongs is cumbersome; a bender like this is precise and efficient, creating bends that finish into beautifully locked seams.

  • It goes where you go: Unlike larger tools like brakes, the Stortz Perfect Bender XL-150 goes where you go. Need to take it up on the roof to make bends on location or in situ? Bring it up there with you! At only seven pounds, It’s a high-quality piece of equipment that travels easily with you wherever you need it.
  • Useful for painted pieces of sheet metal: Some benders leave a little bit to be desired because their mechanism scratches the finish of the sheet metal being bent. Understandably, this isn’t always a limiting factor because sometimes the bent edge or seam will be finished out of view. However, along edges that will be visible, a nice, scratch-free finish is desirable. This is also highly useful for painted pieces of sheet metal where a scratched surface would stick out like a sore thumb. Not to worry, though; the Stortz Perfect Bender XL-150 will not scratch surfaces, even painted finishes!
  • Not limited by length: Tools like this are also more valuable in certain scenarios (when compared to brakes) because the length of the sheet metal medium is not a limiting factor. Some tools can only be used with sheet metal panels up to a certain length; this is not an issue with this sheet metal bender as it can be worked along the edge of any panel, regardless of length.
  • Comes with a heavy-duty canvas bag: A final nice touch that comes with this bender is the addition of a heavy-duty canvas bag that you can use for storage or transportation. It may be smaller than some brakes, but it still needs protection against the elements and the bangs and knocks of job sites. With the added canvas bag, you’ll have solutions to both propositions.

A Wealth of Other Brands and Options

If the Stortz Perfect Bender XL-150 did not meet your metrics for practicality or you had other expectations, fear not; we offer a wide range of other brands, metal benders and other sheet metal tools here at

For example, we offer quite a range of benders, including pocket benders, in our own name (Stortz Perfect Benders), along with Wuko benders, Freund benders, and many other specialized tools. We even carry clamp bars, seaming pliers, tongs, cutting tools and much more. If you need it to bend, cut, mark, measure, or otherwise manipulate sheet metal, you can find it right here!

Whether you’re looking for a comparative recommendation between two sheet metal benders or just want some additional information on some of the tools we carry, just give us a call! We’ll teach you all about the specialized uses for our portfolio of tools. Reach us at 888-847-3456 and we’d be glad to help!