At every year end, we like to take a close look at the exceptional products that our customers had great things to say about. These are our most highly reveiwed products from year 2019. Each review is from a verified purchaser who took the time to tell us what they loved about the product. Take a look below and see what you may be missing!

Perfect Bender XL-150

The Perfect Bender XL-150 is a precision made portable metal bender. This tool will allow you to hand form various edge profiles on your roof panels. The enitre Perfect Bender line has unique angled bearings to prevent scratching on the panels surface. One really unique feature of these portable brakes is that there is no length limit like a table brake would have (ie: turn edges on a 75ft panel if you need to) This is a lifetime tool.

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This is a pricey tool; however, it is worth every penny. The fit and finish is flawless. The overall tool is very well machined, outstandingly designed, extremely accurate, and robust in every way. My initial use was 40′ standing seam pans of 24 ga. galvalume. The tool made short work of the pans and produced outstanding, consistent legs which snapped together and bent easily. This tool is of the highest quality and is a joy to use. 

Artis B (verified owner)

Stubai Premium Snip Bundle


Coming in as a top product again in 2019, Stubai’s Premium Snip Bundle remain the favorites among our customers. The snips have offset jaws to protect the users hand, smooth blades to prevent tearing of natural metals, and are made of a HRC62 steel for durability.

It seems that every metal worker is looking for a better solution for their cutting needs. Give these Stubai snips a shot and see for yourself.

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These blew me away upon delivery. I have been buying the local hardware store offerings for years. The majority of my work involves 24 ga aluminum with the occasional 24 or 28 ga galvalume sheet metal project. These snips outperform hands down. The ability to trim 1/32″, or less, is amazing, no more mush and roll over!

Mark P (verified owner)

Stortz 50/50 Solder

Solder may not be the sexiest top product of 2019, but it is important to have a solder supplier that you can rely on.

  • We only stock 100% virgin metal (not recycled) solder in 50/50, 60/40, and pure tin varieties.
  • Our pricing is lower than majority of roofing distributors ($10/lbs for 50/50 tin lead bars).
  • We are always in stock and ship most orders within an hour of receiving them from our shop in Philadelphia, PA.

At Stortz, we pride ourselves on quick turnaround time on orders and maintaining a very competitive market price. We even ship 50lbs boxes of solder for FREE.

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Great clean solder. I like the heavier bars, they go further when soldering. They were shipped in 3 days making them readily available on the job I needed them for. The price was very good, I will definitely order more products from this company.

Richard B (verified owner)


Not surprisingly, the AccuSeamer remained a Top Product in 2019. If you’re unaware, the AccuSeamer is a new lightweight alternative to electric power seamers that is powered by your own shop drill. The AccuSeamer has proven itself in 2019 to be easy to use and durable enough to handle 24ga steel jobs. The seamer works on 1″ & 1.5″ high standard mechanical lock systems and has generated some rave reviews.


  • Great solution for short runs of mechanical lock standing seam
  • Light weight and no electrical cord for portability
  • No crimp marks from hand seaming

This tool is definetly revolutionary. ROI after only one roof opposed to hand seaming. Worked great on a curved barrel dormer. My joints thank me too.

Michael L. (verified owner)

AccuSeamer is awesome, easily the best metal roofing tool investment ever.

James J (verified owner)

Express Premium Soldering Iron

The Express Premium Soldering Irons topped 2019 as our most popular soldering iron. A new and improved model came out to start the year and has received solid feedback.


  • New model boasts improved handle design and easier filter replacement
  • Heats up in less than 60 seconds
  • Enclosed flame housed in cast chamber for increased fire protection
  • Has long life (pretinned) tip options – more on this below
  • Heat source (propane) is readily available and inexpensive

Long life (pretinned) Soldering tips

These tips are perfect for someone who is serious about their soldering. THe pretinned tips do not need any pretinning, reshaping, and are simple to clean. The unique coating promotes optimum flow of the solder and will help you create perfectly soldered joints easier. The proprietary coating will get 4-5 times the lifespan of a standard copper tip.


Great for on site, shop work, where ever you need it worth the money. Very user friendly.

Billy B (verified owner)

Big copper gutter job and needed a good iron fast… these guys are great! Good price for a good piece of equipment. Was using the acetylene rig but always had trouble with having gas on site. Since we have our own propane station it will make sure that we always have fuel. thanx

Steve D (verified owner)

Small 45° Clinching Pliers

These small pliers can make a big difference when working in tight spaces. Perfect for detail bends, especially around the eave, and can even crimp the first stage of a standing seam mechanical lock.

For just $45, these are a must-have for any roofer.

Excellent little tool and just the right size for folding corner details on flashing, drip edge, and any other work in small spaces.
Max (verified owner)