Stubai Premium Snip Bundle

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  1. Paul Dickover

    Received order super fast and was very well packaged. All snips have vinyl coating which helps with continued cutting. The combination snips also come with return springs to open jaws after cut. Would highly recommend this product to anyone who works with sheet metal. Super sharp!

  2. Walt Frisch

    Incredible snips. Extremely sharp,the combo snips are able to cut precise 1/8″ rips. A must have for the metal craftsman.

  3. Michael callaghan (verified owner)

    So far I’ve only used the left handed snips. Well worth the purchase.
    I use them to cut 24 gauge standing seam metal roof panels.
    They are much better than the box store snips.

  4. David Reinhardt (verified owner)

    These are the best snips ever. Just purchased my second set. nice clean cuts on copper and 24 ga. metal. Would highly recommend!!

  5. Rory Arndt (verified owner)

    I love these snips, I have been looking for a high quality snips for a long time, and these snips don’t disappoint.

  6. Roger Falk (verified owner)

    Excellent quality. Design allows cutting from both directions and following a line. First set of quality snips. Excellent choice for those who have a lot to cut. I highly recommend these snips!

  7. Jesse (verified owner)

    The best set of snips I have ever purchased

  8. Alan pratt (verified owner)

    Finally some left and right snips that last more than 6 months. Great steel that stays sharp. For how long I don’t know because I can’t dull them,but I do know they last longer than any other snip’s that I have used in the last forty years.

  9. Jesse (verified owner)

    Have bought multiple tools from these guys and everything is as described and always high quality. If you are serious about your craft then these are the tools needed perform technical sheet metal work.

  10. Ervin L Glick (verified owner)

    I was able to cut a sixteenth sliver off 24 gauge painted metal with these. Impressive, however the spring tends to get lost, they don’t lock shut, and the leverage is less than stellar.

  11. Gerardo Alvarez (verified owner)

    Sorry but for the price I’m not very impressed, may be I haven’t got use to them. The spring is always falling off and I hope I don’t loose it. The greens seem to be sharper than the reds and because of the spring there bulky to carry them on your pouch. They maybe built tough but I think there over priced. I think so far the only thing I like about them is the clean cuts you can make but it seems that I have to work hard at it more than the pair of wiss I’ve been using but they are better than Malcos, Malcos are garbage.

  12. Mark Pollard (verified owner)

    These blew me away upon delivery. I have been buying the local hardware store offerings for years. The majority of my work involves 24 ga aluminum with the occasional 24 or 28 ga galvalume sheet metal project. These snips outperform hands down. The ability to trim 1/32″, or less, is amazing, no more mush and roll over!

  13. Stephen Doyle (verified owner)

    Very fine set of snips, far better quality than locally available products available to me.

  14. Joseph Parente

    Been using this bundle for the last few days. The pelican snips make incredibly clean, precise cuts in both copper and aluminum, hard to tell its not a factory edge. Great quality, great price and excellent, fast shipping.

  15. Mike (verified owner)

    Great snips! Highly recommend.

  16. J.R. August (verified owner)

    Excellent snips, they cut perfectly and help achieve the quality installs we provide.

  17. Sean Armstrong (verified owner)

    Fast shipping great service
    Snips are a bit big but so far so good only cut copper for now very precise very sharp cuts like butter
    Will take me some time getting use to because of size. Next test longevity-)

  18. Justin Glover (verified owner)

    Delivery was prompt and packaged well. Tools look sharp and ready to work.

  19. Jon White (verified owner)

    Best snips I have ever used. Super sharp for clean and accurate cuts.

  20. Chad Williams

    For everyone that works in Industrial Sheet Metal like me (heavy metal, Duct and downspouts, etc) the Stubai snips are amazing!! I point out this because I have been asked a hundred times “do those snips work for our type of metal?” and of course they work amazing! You have to know how to layout, cut properly, weld, use all our equipment and that is first and foremost, but the tools at Stortz and Sons help you be a better Journeyman. A pro uses pro tools.

  21. Bham Roofs (verified owner)

    Best snips I own

  22. John (verified owner)

    They certainly have a different feel to them than regular aviation snips. A bit awkward to get use to but cuts clean. I just wish they had a finger nub on each side. They fall out of the tool belt often which is not good when working 2 stories up. They are longer than most snips and would be tougher to use for people with small hands.

  23. Jason

    Definitely the smoothest and cleanest cut I’ve ever experienced and I’ve bought every kind of snips known to man. I will be buying sets for the shop and sets for job site work. A must if you are a metal fabricator.

  24. Allen (verified owner)

    Good set of snips. Pelican snips are impressive and cut well.

  25. Donnie (verified owner)

    I brought this set a few months ago, I have put away my trusty Midwest snips and won’t look back. I had one of my Foremen used my stubai snips for a couple of hour and I ordered his last week

  26. Mark Smith

    This company is awesome great tools shipped promptly I have ordered several times and have been pleased every time.

  27. McCafferty Sheet Metal

    Best snips I’ve ever had, been eyeing these for a while and finally pulled the trigger and it was definitely worth it, came super fast (I could drive to stortz in 20 minutes from my house). Just need to get used to them not locking

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