Sheet metal pliers are an essential part of any sheet metal roofer’s repertoire of tools, and even the most highly specialized pliers are still highly versatile tools that can be put to work for a wide range of different applications. In the hands of a skilled sheet metal craftsman, metal pliers and tongs can be used for several of the following purposes.

Among the processes for which these sheet metal hand tools can be used are for the general bending, forming and crimping of sheet metal, along with the following.

  • Making precise bends and folds in sheet metal

The most common use for Sheet metal pliers are making simple bends and folds in sheet metal, as well as for general forming applications. While there are generally more specialized tools for specific bends or folds, like pocket benders and brakes, a pair of pliers can be used to the same effect in the hands of a skilled craftsman.

  • Creating basic crimps

Sheet metal pliers are also used for making basic crimps in a sheet of metal, especially in thinner gauge or softer metal like aluminum or copper.

Sheet metal pliers with both flat and curved jaws can be used to create crimps in metal, either for forming a basic, improvised seam or joint between the sheets, or to roll over the edge, turning the roughly cut edge away from incidental contact with anyone that would come too close. Basic crimps can also potentially improve the look of a ragged edge of a piece of sheet metal.

  • Manipulating and positioning sheets of metal

You will also notice that several of the sets of sheet metal pliers we sell here at Stortz have widened, elongated jaws and are referred to as sheet metal tongs. Many of these “pliers” can be used for creating and finishing seams, but they can also be used to manipulate sheets of metal or to work them into position where they can thus be seamed, hemmed, or fastened to the roof. For the purposes of manipulating and positions (even potentially seaming) we carry a variety of sheet metal vise grips that tighten via the aid of a turn screw that adjusts pressure.

  • Starting and finishing seams

Seaming is a process by which adjoining sheets of metal are folded over each other so that they can be joined together closely.

Seaming, of which there are several different types such as single and double lock seams as well as standing seams, is commonly used to join sheets of metal on roofs, although there are other applications for it as well. Many of our sheet metal pliers are created with special, wide jaws that facilitate forming seams.

  • Opening seams

We also carry a special type of sheet metal working tool that looks like a set of pliers and is known as a standing seam opener. By inserting the jaws under the second stage of a standing seam, the seam can be pried open. A pair of pliers like these can be vital for correcting issues or adjusting seaming work.

  • Forming and adjusting gutters

We also carry specialized sheet metal tools known as gutter pliers. Many sheet metal roofs drain via the aid of gutters, and mounting gutters often requires the ability to adjust the gutters and brackets without deforming or damaging them. Pliers like our Stubai Eaves Gutter Pliers are ideal for that.

Identifying Quality in Sheet Metal Pliers

You can purchase quality sheet metal pliers and other tools of the trade just once in your life, or you can buy half-quality several times and go in for a dime as well as a dollar, as they say. Here at John Stortz & Son, we believe in creating quality so that our customers can buy right the first time.

Many of our sheet metal pliers, which are representative of the best brands in the industry, including our own line as well as Stubai, Everhard, Freund, Primeline and more, are made from forged, high carbon steel and hardened or tempered using specialized, proprietary processes, making them stronger and tougher.

Don’t compromise in the quality of your tools. Simpler, more rugged construction is superior, especially among hand tools, and those are the very traits you will find in our online collection.

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