Masc Nibbler II: What’s new?

  • Reinforced handles / Improved Leverage:  Overall stronger construction means easier cutting on 24ga steel (max .7mm)
  • Contoured Nose:  Slimmer profile make it easier to make continous cuts


Have you ever struggled to clip your standing seam panel ribs in order to form a hem at the eaves edge? One of the most common tool requests is something that will clip the seams in an efficient way to ease the pain of struggling with snips to clip off the seams.  Here is a great solution



Using a nibbler in these scenarios is advantageous to using snips because it removes a slot of the material providing space for the jaws to make a continous cut. When installing materials that can tear quite easily, like zinc or copper, a nibbler is a good choice. Stortz Tools sells 2 sizes of the nibbler tool, 25mm depth and 35mm depth options.