Every roof is a chance to express yourself.  A chance to show that you care what the future looks like…

A lot of the architectural metal roof installations we work with are built to last well through at least one generation.  Hell, if done right, copper can last 100’s of years.  You want your customer to see the attention to detail that you put into their investment and smile knowing that they made the right decision.  Some of the top roofers I know stay busy year round through customer referrals only.

The crescent eave video below is a technique that the top architectural roofers use.  It’s the little things that make a difference.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4FdEIR9–4]

English instructions:

1) Mark the male panel at 1″. Make the second mark on the male panel at 2 3/8″.
2) Use snips to make a curved cut from the 2 3/8″ to the 1″ and all the way to the eave.
3) Attach the female panel and make a single lock.
4) Use hand tongs to lift the panel up to the 2 3/8″ mark to the eave.
5) Mark a curved line that leaves 3/8″ material on the female, and cut it off.
6) Hammer and fold the material over.
7) Close the second stage and then bend at the eave.

Tool highlights

Circular Snips – The curved blades on these premium snips make cutting round shapes quicker and easier (think vent pipes)

First Stage Seamer (RAU111) – This European style mechanical locking tool completes the 90° lock. Provides good handle leverage leaves a tight seam.


Deep Depth Hand Tongs – This tong boasts a 3″ depth and is beveled at 45° for scribe purposes. Superior strength


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6pEV0AA_kk]

45° Piccolo Pliers – Mini 45° pliers are vital to any architectural metal worker.  They provide unmatched ability to work on seam details.  A must have in the toolbox.

1.25″ Deadblow Hammer and Plastic Seaming Block – The PVC faces of these are ideal for preserving the finish of the panel you are working on.

Second Stage Seamer – RAU117 (Finish Seamer) – For closing the 90° seam to a finished 180°.  The RAU117 is the quickest way to close seam lengths.

Eaves Locker – RAU106 – After trying to use a pair of hand tongs to lock the panels over the drip edge, you can see the value in the speed and ease that the RAU106 Locker provides.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ibq674fCNkQ]

Eaves Crescent Clamp – For 1″ high seams.  The crescent clamp keeps panels tight together when scribing and forming the crescent eaves in the video