RAU 117 – Finish Hand Seamer

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  • Used in conjunction with the RAU 111 or RAU 128.
  • Finishes the 2nd bend of the double lock standing seam in just one operation.
  • Used on seams that measure 1/2” across on the top leg.
  • Your hands never have to leave the tool when closing the seam and are also in a comfortable bending position. This results in maximum speed and efficiency when on the roof.
  • Not preferred for painted material, as it can leave scratches. If using painted material consider the RAU1174.
  • Will seam up to – 24 gauge steel, 20 oz copper, and .036 aluminum.
  • Tool Width – 8 1/2”
  • Overall length – 17”
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  1. Liam Tower

    A must have tool for ever roofer!!

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