Answering product questions for many years has enabled us to know issues contractors run into repeatedly.  These can range from what hand seamer do I need, how do I solder so and so material, and will these snips cuts 22 gauge metal? This post will do the best we can to answer some commonly asked questions.

Will These Snips Cut Through…?

Different snips have different uses. The tools sold at Stortz tend to cater to sheet metal workers who work with softer materials like copper and zinc. This isn’t to say that there isn’t a huge audience of 24 gauge steel roofers out there, but the snips that may work for one are not meant for the other. The Stubai & Bessey brands lend themselves to precision and durability with softer materials. This means you’ll pay more money for precision. If you think that a pair of Stubai snips will be great for cutting through 3 layers of metal, that’s not the case. Buy a cheap pair of snips if you want to abuse them through multiple sheets and squeezing the handles as hard as possible. Break cheap pairs of snips, not expensive ones. Midwest Snips give the craftsmen the best of both worlds (they have been backordered for 6 months lol). 


What Crimper Do I Need?


Mechanical locked profiles on the residential side are ususally 1″ or 1 1/2″ high. These profiles nearly always measure 1/2″ across the top. These profile types will require our standard line of seamers by ESE, RAU, or Biegetec. When you have a 2″ high profile, the seam width will be 3/4″. This means that these 1/2″ seamers will not fit over that wide of a profile, and you’ll need a wider tool. Typically an ESE001-750 will work for this profile. If you’re looking to buy a seamer, know the profile dimensions. 

Biegetec Seamer

I bought my material from an old farmer who took it off his barn and the down leg measures 3/4″, the profile width is 1/2″…it stands 3″ high. How do I seam it? 🤦

Daily Caller

Can I Use an Electrical Soldering Iron Outside?

No one is going to stop you from using electricity in the rain, but it’s not recommended. Aside from having long electrical cords all over the job site, why would you want to wait 15 minutes for the iron to heat up? Electricty is better used for indoor settings. This goes the same with an open flamed torch not meant for roofing soldering.

Soldering is a minimilist application. Propane is a readily available gas at big box stores and a small tank to bring up with you to the roof is ideal. This gives you enough gas to complete the job and keep in mind you’ll need a way to carry the bar solder, flux, iron, and tank. It’s best to have staging set up so you can be comfortable when you solder. Safety first.

American Beauty 550 Watt Electric Iron

What Tools Do I Need To Complete My Job?

We don’t know you or your job requirements. There is no one size fits all for a sheet metal roofer. Craftsmen spend years and years investing in their tool box and it’s what separates them from industry peers. If we had it our way, we’d tell you that you’ll need every single tool that we sell. This isn’t practical of course, but we can’t answer what you’ll need for your job. The best answer is to do some research on what the application needs and we can provide what customers typically order. With a large set of data from customers orders, we know what tools are the most popular and if it works for them, there’s a good chance it will work for you. We are always happy to provide this type of info, but blanket questions like what do I need are difficult to answer.

Does the Falz Bender Come in 1 1/2″

The Falz Bender is a new product that allows the user to make 1″ mechanically locked male and female profiles by hand quickly. The European market predominantly uses 1″ (25mm) standing seam. The 1 1/2″ (38mm) is not as prevalent, thus this product was first designed for the lower seam height. If you’re a roofer who typically uses 1 1/2″ profiles, it’s understandable that this product would save time for starter panels, gable runs, and to get you out of  jam if the roll former is not on site. The bad news is it’s not on the market and the good news is that it may become on the market. We’ll be the first to let our customer base know when it does.

Falz Bender - Male Profile

If you do 1 inch double lock, this tool is invaluable! and its actually fun to use! worth every penny.

Ray Schulze