Alpine Snow Guards has introduced 2 new “hybrid” guards to their product offering. Complementing their popular products, the new guards aim to ease the disruptive supply chain that is the snow guard industry. If you are struggling to find your Berger Pro100’s in stock, consider proposing these Alpine alternatives.

What is a Hybrid Snow Guard?

A Hybrid snow guard has the ability to function as a simple pad style snow guard as well as a full rail system if desired. The new Alpine Snow Bird and Alpine Fusion Snow Guards can be installed on a new roof, or easily hooked to an existing nail under the shingle/slate as a retrofit.

Selling snow guards, we learn that often times the installer or homeowner will ignore recommendations on snow guard layout and just go with pad-style guards in a simple layout. Often times, this is not in sufficient quantity. The hybrid aspect of these models means that you can see how they function for a winter and then add the rail system if it is certainly needed.

Example of a fusion snow guard with rod attachments

Alpine Snowbird Hybrid Snow Guard

This guard was designed to be an alternative to the Berger Pro100. Using a similar style, the shoe is contoured and has stiffening ribs to add extra strength to prevent buckling.

  • Available materials
    • Brass
    • Galvanized Cold Rolled Steel (GCRS)
    • Powder Coated Steel – Dark Bronze
  • Strap length is 18″ (custom length possible if requested)
  • Ideal for residential customers who don’t like the look of a full pipe system, but require additional snow support
  • Shoe is reinforced on the back side to prevent folding or buckling under load. Stiffening ribs on strap and shoe
  • Affordable & Readily Available!

Alpine Fusion Hybrid Snow Guard

Fusion Snow Guards are a pad-style guard that allows conversion to a pipe-style system. It may even be recommended that the installer uses a mix of pipe-style and pad style to cover the aesthetics they need while achieving the snow retention required.

  • Available Materials
    • Galvanized Cold Rolled Steel (GCRS)
    • Stainless Steel
    • Red Brass
    • Aluminum
    • Alum – Dark Bronze (powder coat) or Grey
    • GCRS – Dark Bronze (powder coat)
    • Stainless Steel – Dark Bronze (powder coat)
  • Stiffening ribs on shoe and strap to prevent any buckling during snow loads
  • 18″ Strap length – can be customized upon request
  • Ideal for residential customers who don’t like the look of a full pipe system, but require additional snow support
  • Affordable & Readily Available!

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