Berger RT200/300

5/5 (1 customer review)


RT200/300 MF Guards currently have a lead time of 7+ weeks. If you need something immediately, consider the similar CLASSIC SG or the GM200/300

  • RT200 – Designed to accommodate seams of up to 3/16″ (0.188″ thick) and suited for use with light gauge metals such as 40lb. terne, 26 gauge galvanized, 16oz copper, and TCS.
  • RT300 – Designed to accommodate seams of up to 9/32″ (.297″ thick) and suited to heavier gauge metals such as 20oz copper, 24 gauge pre-finished metal, and products of similar thickness.
  • RT200 Cut Sheet
  • RT300 Cut Sheet
  • Installation Guide
  • A non-penetrating devices that secures to the standing seam of a metal roof utilizing stainless steel set screws to hold them in place.
  • This guard is perfect for 1″ high mechanical double lock seams
  • NO GLUES or SEALANTS required
  • The natural thermal movement of the metal is in no way restricted and the guards will not contribute to unsightly oil canning
  • The RT guard is available in Cast Aluminum (mill finish, painted, or primer coat)  or Cast Bronze
  • For painted guards, please use BERGER NEW COLOR CHART to select and put in comments

The traditional design makes this a perfect guard for historic preservation or restoration work. They are particularly suitable for double-lock and mechanically seamed metal roofing.

Finishes include: Mill Finish Aluminum, Painted Aluminum, Black Primer*, or Bronze
*Requires final coating by contractor


  1. Lewis Dronenburg (verified owner)

    I found these snow guards at price below other brands. I’m normally skeptical of lower priced items on-line, but I took a chance. I’m glad I did. They arrived quickly, and when I opened the box, I could tell they were of quality. Wasting no time, I took one of them up to my roof to see how it fit over the seams. The slot depth and width were perfect, and the installation took maybe a minute using the Allen wrench. Later that same day, I installed the rest of them in no time. We’ve already had our first snow, and it hasn’t moved an inch. I highly recommend these guards.

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