Bessey Ideal Snips

5/5 (5 customer reviews)



Ideal snips can cut all metal types, but we particularly like when working with steel.

  • Easier to hold
    • Optimized handle angle allows one to comfortably grip the entire unit for maximum application of cutting force
  • Smooth Cutting Action
    • The joint area includes a sintered steel insert. This clever addition greatly reduces friction where it counts! Great for extending the tool life and for an exceptionally smooth cutting action
  • Convenient latch
    • A central latch on the top of the handle allows right and left handed users to open and close the snips with ease, without a change in grip
  • Cut straight, cut round, cut easier
    • The compact forged jaws permit high-precision cutting of curves while also being very effective at straight cuts – while the shape of the forged jaw allows work to flow past the user’s hand instead of towards for sustained (…and safer) cutting.
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  1. William (verified owner)

    Best snips I’ve owned to date. Comfortable grip and easy to use. Very sharp and tight blades will shave the smallest slivers and leave a perfectly clean edge.

  2. ROB SCHERMAN (verified owner)

    Super quality, very comfortable, great value works great on copper and metal

  3. Timothy beeghly

    Cleanest most precise snips I’ve ever used

  4. Jade Leitner

    Best snips period!!! I’ve had them for a year now and all we do is metal roofs very strong and no more snapping jaws when cutting 24g. standing seam. They cut easier,and faster. less fringe’s on cuts.

  5. John Mckenzie (verified owner)

    These are some of the best snips I have ever found, they rival traditional stubai’s for everyday use. Great for a range of materials, including 26/24ga painted steel. Can’t recommend these enough are are certainly worth the money !

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