Freund Downspout Expander

5/5 (5 customer reviews)


  • Easy expansion of all commercially available down spouts of zinc, copper, and aluminum
  • Easily used by 1 person
  • Automatic feed and return are performed with patented gear unit
  • Simple manufacture of sliding sleeves
  • Alignment of rain pipe elbows also possible
  • Lightweight aluminum construction


  1. Eber Aragon (verified owner)

    Perfect it helps a lot

  2. Jeffrey Watt (verified owner)

    Words alone cannot express how thrilled I am to find this tool. I have been battling round downspouts for over 20 years trying to make them look as good as possible. I never knew the expander existed until I discovered the Stortz website by accident. The tool replaces all of the frustrating effort to make round downspouts look their best. I absolutely love this tool. It is definitely one of the greatest discovery I’ve ever made professionally. Thank you Stortz.

  3. Joseph Wells (verified owner)

    Tool is heavier than previous models, prohibiting use of cordless drill. Works as expected with corded drill.

  4. Mark Klippel

    Works like a charm on my cordless drill. It does have a problem getting your second elbow expanded enough to easily accept the bottom of the neck. It requires a few crimps to get it started but slides in well. Great tool. Definitely worth the money for someone who cares about quality and does a lot of round spout.

  5. Nick Mello (verified owner)

    Pricey and heavy, but it makes slipping downspout together a nice, clean job. Works great with either aluminum or copper. Use it daily with my cordless drill no problem.

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