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Express Orifice Replacement Kit

5/5 (1 customer review)


  • The Express Orifice Replacement Kit is the solution to a weakening gas flow
  • The orifice acts as a screen to capture the impurities in the propane gas that feeds through the soldering iron
  • Handy to have an extra so work does not stall when replacement is needed
  • Kit includes a bullet style Orifice piece and an O-Ring

Repair instructions:

  1. Separate the handle from the chamber by unscrewing. Holding the chamber head securely in a vice, upside down, is a good idea.
  2. Once separated, you’ll see the gas nozzle (gold piece) and O ring. At one point in time these were threaded, now they are just positioned inside. They are easily removed.
  3. Replace with a new gas nozzle and O ring and screw the handle and chamber back together. It’s important to firmly push the gas nozzle into place.


  1. Doug Minall (verified owner)

    Best service is what brings me back!

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