Express Orifice Replacement Kit

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  • The Express Orifice Replacement Kit is the solution to a weakening gas flow
  • The orifice acts as a screen to capture the impurities in the propane gas that feeds through the soldering iron
  • Handy to have an extra so work does not stall when replacement is needed
  • Kit includes a bullet style Orifice piece and an O-Ring
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Repair instructions:

1) Separate the handle from the chamber by unscrewing.  Holding the chamber head securely in a vice, upside down,  is a good idea.
2) Once separated, you’ll see the gas nozzle (gold piece) and O ring.  At one point in time these were threaded, now they are just positioned inside.  They are easily removed.
3) Replace with a new gas nozzle and O ring and screw the handle and chamber back together.  It’s important to firmly push the gas nozzle into place.

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Weight 2 lbs
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5 pack ($60), Single Piece ($15)

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