Sal-ammoniac Bar

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  • Used for pre-tinning your soldering tip
  • This product is just the ammonia stone (video shows entire Flux Caddy)
  • How to pre-tin a soldering tip:
    Once the soldering iron gets hot enough to melt solder, melt solder against this sal-amoniac block. Due to the sal-amoniac bar’s chemical composition, the solder will remain on the bar. Rub the copper tip against the solder on top of the bar and a layer of solder will adhere to the copper tip. This is a useful exercise because a pre-tinned tip makes soldering easier.
  • 3″ x 2″ sal-block
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  1. Lou Ferraro

    Quick delivery, professional products, excellent customer service.

  2. Brian Blanchette

    Quick delivery. Great product

  3. Melissa Schumacher (verified owner)

    Exactly what we have been looking for. Great pricing and wonderful customer service.

  4. Brian Horsley (verified owner)

    Great product at a great price. Stortz always have the right tool for the job.

  5. john j springer

    Been doing this work for over 40 years. Got into it young and loved it! Miss the old 40# tin though! But Stortz was in it long before me and have always had the best products to work with! Love them! I have slate hammers 100 years old that are Stortz and I have new Stortz slate hammers. I’ll never use anything but Stortz! Keep the 50/50 solder or I’ll go nuts!

  6. MSDRIV (verified owner)

    Met every expectation

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