Express Self Igniting Soldering Kit

5/5 (17 customer reviews)


  • This best-selling iron is a premium propane iron that works as well onsite as it does in the shop
  • Self contained flame for increased fire safety and wind protection
  • Eight types of tips are available here
  • Heats up in approx. 1 minute
  • Perfect for soldering copper, zinc, or galvanized steel
  • 30 psi fixed regulator to be used with standard propane fittings (BBQ tank). Tank sizes available vary. 5 lbs tank available
  • Accessory kit includes: Express Diamond Tip, Single Soldering Set, and 2 pounds of 50/50 solder
  • The Cat. No. 367/8 roofer soldering iron rapidly reaches its maximum temperature of ± 1112°F
  • Proper Soldering Iron Maintenance

We have GREAT prices on 50/50 solder

  • Enclosed Flame

    Flames stays concentrated in cast chamber offering exceptional fire safety.

  • Quick Disconnect

    Every premium iron comes equipped with a quick disconnect that allows you to remove the iron from the hose without wrenches.

  • Push Button Ignition

    No need for a lighter or striker. The Premium Express Iron has a push button ignition, so firing up the iron is one click away.


  1. John Kobren

    Hands down the best iron I’ve had in 20+ years. Highly recommended.

  2. Jose (verified owner)

    Great iron! Would highly recommend it. I have used it for soldering a bar top made out of zinc sheets. Works like a charm.

  3. Lou Ferraro

    Quick delivery, professional products, excellent customer service.

  4. mhiatt (verified owner)

    One of a kind unit. Fast delivery. Thank you for the excellent customer service. We will be back!

  5. brol (verified owner)

    Iron works perfect and much more efficient than my normal practice. Fast delivery and helpful customer service.

  6. Alan pratt (verified owner)

    I’m 63 years old and have been soldering for forty years. It’s hard to teach an old dog a new trick ,so my boy’s tell me. I’ve purchased every soldering iron that I could find and have tried them all and found that the express self Igniting iron is the one for me. My old irons are hanging on the wall ! The old dog has learned a new trick. Thank you boys

  7. Theresa Lopez (verified owner)

    Boyfriend loves his new tool. Delivery was fast and reliable. I had a question and they got back fast, great customer service.

  8. Derrick Bandy (verified owner)

    Works great. We use it on roofing and gutters. Too many people use silicone because they don’t know the benefits of soldering.

  9. Billy Brooks (verified owner)

    Great for on site, shop work, where ever you need it worth the money. Very user friendly.

  10. Paul Markert (verified owner)

    Great product

  11. Frank Reynolds (verified owner)

    Set up was minimal and The kit is easy to use! Very happy with the quick delivery.

  12. sdowney (verified owner)

    Big copper gutter job and needed a good iron fast… these guys are great! Good price for a good piece of equipment. Was using the acetylene rig but always had trouble with having gas on site. Since we have our own propane station it will make sure that we always have fuel. thanx

  13. Roger Waugh (verified owner)

    Great Iron! Service was awesome, and delivery was quick!!

  14. David (verified owner)

    This is a great product and the kit comes with everything you need.

  15. Ben (verified owner)

    Tom spent some time on the phone with me to make sure this soldering kit was a good fit for my needs. I am used to using electric but am looking forward to using my new propane iron on the next copper job. The kit arrived in a timely manner and looks to be of high quality. I will buy from Stortz again.

  16. Adam H (verified owner)

    Great kit, cheaper than a Sievert and gets hotter than one- much faster.

  17. Jess Whitaker

    We are a 4th. Generation Roofing Co. with 55 employees and several Top Of The Line Tinners/ Metal Craftsmen. And I can tell you we’ve used every type of soldering iron there is available and the Express Premium Soldering Irons are by far the best. They heat up fast and are very reliable. John Stortz & Son gets us the tools quick, usually within two days. I would recommend them to anybody, and I do. We will only buy from John Stortz & Son. Jess B. Whitaker Estimator Molloy Roofing Co. Cincinnati Ohio

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