Marini Long Life Soldering Tip


  • Long life coating provides increased lifespan and durability
  • Working temperature reached in 45 seconds
  • No pre-tinning, filing, or hammering necessary
  • Shape: Pointed or Hammer;   Size: 300g
  • Keep a minimum distance of 20mm (3/4″) between burner head and bottom of the bit
  • Use full heat flame for approximately 1 minute to heat bit to a working temp. After 1 minute, back heat down to a small flame for soldering. The electrolytic copper has a high thermal capacity and will retain its heat.
  • Do not heat Long Life bits at high heat for long periods of time. This will ruin coating
  • After completing soldering, brush the bit with flux and wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Do not cool in water quickly
  • Do not file or reshape the bit. The coating should not be damaged


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