Freund Pocket Pan Former

5/5 (3 customer reviews)


  • Made from steel and good for bending heavier gauge material
  • 6” depth is advantageous over standard pliers
  • Easily create ”pigs ear” in sheet metal for roof pitch transitions


  1. Precision Roofing (verified owner)

    Perfect for copper window well

  2. Mark Pollard (verified owner)

    I am a carpenter, not a full time tinsmith. That said, I bought this tool to beef up my ability to site fab step flashings at pitch transitions, inside corners at recessed dormers, kick-out flashings at eave to sidewall areas, and termination steps where dormer cheek walls die into the main roof. I have been a carpenter for 20+ years and am tired of finding rot in these locations because the roofers cannot provide adequate flashings in these locations (asphalt roofs). I now fabricate what I want before the roofing contractor shows up, hand the pieces to them, and see their initial skepticism but they quickly praise the simplicity of the seamless bends. Great tool! I’m bummed I haven’t found it sooner.

  3. michael black

    Also excellent for crimping leader pipe ends to make smaller male end.

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