Portable Express Soldering Iron

5/5 (6 customer reviews)


This Express kit offers a 5′ hose and regulator that will connect to a propane canister. A happy medium between the costs of smaller gas canisters and the heavy propane tank.

  • Includes: Express self igniting soldering iron, medium copper tip, 5′ hose, and 30PSI mini-regulator
  • Note: Does not include propane canister for shipping purposes.  These are readily found at your local hardware or welding supply store
  • Compatible propane canisters (Bernzomatic, Coleman, or Worthington) will run ~16 hours
  • Inter-changeable with older Express parts ie) longer hose, regulator for propane tanks
  • Accessory kit includes: Express Diamond Tip, Single Soldering Set, and 2 pounds of 50/50 solder.

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  1. Mick Harris (verified owner)

    Well built, arrived very quickly. Thanks

  2. Dan Gulbrandson (verified owner)

    Product worked perfect and came in time when we needed for a job we were on. They also helped us to get what we needed.

  3. Dan Gulbrandson (verified owner)

    Soldering gun worked great and received on time.

  4. Dan Gulbrandson (verified owner)

    Perfect tool and sent it perfect timing.

  5. Ryan O’Mara (verified owner)

    Great customer service and hard to find tools that I need. Thanks, keep up the great service

  6. Don Mooney

    Great tool for tight spaces and hard to reach places. I have the one with small canisters, I like it so much I’m getting the small propane cylinder one for work on the ground next.

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