Replaceable Blade Slate Ripper

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  • European style – thin, flexible galvanized stainless steel blade
  • Replaceable blade secured to handle by means of 2 threaded screws with nuts
  • Assembly wrench included to replace blade or handle
  • OAL – 23”
  • Blade Length – 24”
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  1. Daniel Kozik (verified owner)

    Fexible and thin so you can slide it under slate in tight places, like near a gutter. Durable, German made, 5 different blade leghts available; I bought all of them and used 3 already just on one job. Happy with the purchase.

  2. Chris Seward (verified owner)

    Used this to pull some Shake Shingles off a wall, when changing out a window. Worked perfectly for ripping only certain ones free, and then I rewove the new ones back in. Tough German made Cady iron handle that you can hammer away on.

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