Stubai Compound Action Snips

5/5 (3 customer reviews)



  • HRC 60-62
  • Spring loaded to reduce the strength required for cutting
  • Smooth blades leave no rib on metal
  • Cutting Depth – 1 7/8”, Length – 10”
  • Right cut snips cut straight and to the right
  • Left cut snips cut straight and to the left
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  1. Daniel C McPartland (verified owner)

    Work great tips are a little big

  2. michael terragna (verified owner)

    Works great on the job.

  3. Jake O. (verified owner)

    I purchased the stubai combination snip first. While they cut better than any snip I had ever used, they weren’t exactly convenient. They were huge in the tool pouch and even though you eventually get used to the inconvenience of the spring, it is still an inconvenience. My tools were stolen out of my work truck recently and I needed a new set of snips so I decided to try the compound stubais this time around. This pair has the butter smooth cutting ability of the combination with the added convenience of a self contained lever. Also they are a bit smaller in overall length and blade size. I’ll recommend stubai snips to anyone that will listen. Thanks guys!

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