Wuko 7200 / 4000 Combo

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  • Includes two top quality bend & hem tools. Wuko 7200 & Wuko 4000
  • This combination is ideal for longer straight panel bends (0-100°) and hems (90°-180°).  Recommended for lengths 10ft or longer
  • Max bending depth of 8″ and hemming depth of 1.57″
  • Commonly used for mechanical & snap lock installers for finishing custom panels at the gable ends of a roof
  • Wuko 7200 uses angled discs in order to best preserve panel finishes when bending
  • Comes with a durable housing case
  • Bending capacity of 24ga steel.  Works great on almost all metal roofing materials with no need for adjustment (steel, aluminum, galvalume,copper, zinc etc.)
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  1. sm.sanderson61 (verified owner)

    2 great tools I am looking forward to using for many years. Fast service, I will be a returning customer for many years to come.

  2. Emery Hopkins

    These tools are awesome. It’s great to be able to bend past 90 degrees for flashing and the hemmer saves time and effort. Was using and older malco bender that only went to 4” depth, this is like night and day. Very smooth operation.

  3. Justin G (verified owner)

    Very sturdy nicely made tools. I have been doing my hems on a trim brake and this kit is going to make my life so much easier.

  4. Josh (verified owner)

    Very high quality! This tool combination is perfect for heming the edges of long roofing panels or any length that may need field modification!

  5. Marino

    great tool combo I use them almost daily! my only minut complaint is that one of the adjustment screws could be reverse threaded so depending on how you hold the tool it doesn’t loosen. awsome tool otherwise, would recommend to everyone!!!

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