RAU Systems has been manufacturing German made sheet bending and folding tools for roofs and facades for over 60 years.  If you have worked with mechanical locking standing seam panels, chances are you have come across the stand out blue and yellow benders at some point. Focused on simple tools for exceptional results, RAU tools are used around the world for high end roof and wall projects.

RAU 111 & RAU 117 – Mechanical Lock Bundle

RAU has engineered their small product line to be practical, long lasting, and ergonomically efficient in order to reduce strain on the workers body.  On smaller jobs, the RAU111 and RAU117 first and second stage hand seamers provide a simple alternative to a power machine for seam closing while achieving a professional finished look. The stand up versions of these closers make the seaming process even less strenuous for the worker.


RAU 105 & RAU 106 – Eaves Locking Bundle

The RAU 105 and 106 Eaves Seam Edger and Locker are as popular as ever because they are the highest standard of finishing tools at the eaves edge. When compared to bar folders, hand tongs, or other methods that probably are not recommended, treat yourself to finishing your panels the 1st class way. You’ll notice the speed and crispness of the bends immediately.


RAU104 – Adjustable Depth Edge Bender

This bending tool is spring loaded for gripping the material being bent.  It is shown below for turning up panels at the ridge before double locking and also proves handy when working on hips when panels are intersecting.


RAU116 – Crimping Tool (small)  

The RAU crimping tool is a great tool for creating pan folds in metal or seams alike. Use this tool to crimp seams at the exact angle for folding up walls.