A major thanks to Gillespie Contracting for the invitation to this copper and slate installation. Marcelino is an incredibly skilled slate worker blending a variety of sizes for look. The panels are 1″ mechanical lock roll formed in 16oz copper.


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Project Tool Videos

The Double Falz Seamer was the seamer of choice on this low slope copper roof. This seamer is simple to use, lightweight, and fast.

A variety of cutting snips were used on this 16oz copper. The brands were Bessey, Stubai and Wiss. All smooth blades and worked well for field cutting.

Stortz slate tools have been a staple in the industry for over a decade. The cutting tool we generally recommend for up to 3/8″ slate is featured in the video below. Notice the variety in sizing of slate on the pallets. The slate blending was done meticulously and ended up looking great!