Featured Project – Little Tree Huggers Preschool

Little Tree Huggers (LTH) Preschool is a bilingual nonprofit, nondenominational environmental educational initiative in Leesburg, Virginia.  LTH is a farm based educational program that focuses on inspiring children to connect with nature, care for their environment, and celebrate diversity. 

Snow Retention Needed

LTH contacted Stortz Tools with questions regarding snow retention for their Standing Seam Metal Roof. The existing metal roof is fitted with single lock standing seam (90deg) panels. Since the single lock system measures just shy of ½” across the top leg, the SL-1 Snow Guard was a perfect fit. The staggered guards look great in conjunction with the solar panels previously installed on the roof. Take a look for yourself.

SL-1 Snow Guards for Standing Seams

SL-1 Snow Guards boast a traditional look, with added versatility of having a ½” slot. They can be installed on a majority of snap lock panel systems, single lock systems, and even double lock systems (ideally 1”-1.5”) if need be. With a very attractive price of $10.50 each, the SL-1 may be a great choice for your upcoming projects