The Evolution of Power Seamers

The Portable Mechanical Lock Power Seamer

Power seaming mechanical lock panels is typically done by 60 lb. tortoise-like machines running up panels with electrical cords. With enhancements in cordless drill batteries, the new way of seaming finds itself moving forward with seaming attachments. These 10 lb. attachments, paired with a cordless drill, have the strength to seam up to 24 gauge steel at a pace of 100 ft. a minute. This compares to a standard power seamer which seams at 30 ft. per minute. Less weight equals less lugging around equipment and much happier roofers. This does come with the drawback that the roofer must always be with the drill. Ultimately, the advantages outweigh this minor inconvenience with the ability to consistently seam panels faster at a lower cost while getting more work done. Currently these tools are made to do 1 and 1 ½” high mechanical lock, but don’t be surprised if 2” high seamers are next. 

Which products are currently available? The Double Falz Seamer is the industry standard for a double lock standing seam. If used within the material thickness specs, the seamer will work exactly as intended with the only maintenance being a replacement of the rubber poly wheels. The Accu-Seamer is the preferred seamer when doing single lock only, yet still has the capability to double lock in another pass. The Freund Seaming Pro is another product that offers the ability to seam and cut, but moves at a slower pace. These products offer the industry a less expensive way to seam metal roof panels without extension cords, carrying heavy machinery, and getting work done faster.

New technology comes with apprehension due to a lack of belief that the product works as intended. This article is here to say that these product have now been tested for years and they work great. The secret is out and it’s possible these tools are the reason why your competition is bidding mechanical lock roofs lower than you. Why wait any longer to get yours today?

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